Friday, April 9, 2010


Father’s Tears Touches Children’s Heart
Today -7th April 2010- Wednesday. It is such a touch day.  It was the last class with En.Yusuf, our Statistic’s Lecturer. He always advice us to read, do something and don’t waste time. We are Malays are the least population who like to read. Indian is the most Who like to read. That’s why most of them become lawyers, actuarist and others. They are success in their profession.  Read newspaper! Come early. We learn just like the other day. Our lesson will start by En.Yusuf’s da’wah or tazkirah. We learn how to derive the expected value of probably distributions, moments and others. 

At the end of the class, he said that he will be retired because he is getting older and he didn’t stand to drive along about 50 km every day. He said that he feel like crying. Oh no! Suddenly, he cries. It’s touching. I feel like crying too but tahan2.huhu. He touches our hearts. Then, he asks us to belajar baik2. He asks us for apology for whatever he has said and for everything. He said that he treat us just like his children. He said don’t care about he said just ignore it. Before he going out from the class, he tell us that he has told us the tips to succeed and now all depend on you. He wishes us good luck...
*This memory reminds me about my Tamhidi’s Teacher, Cikgu Arho ( En.Abdul Rahim bin Omar).....


  1. en Yusuf... He BeSt!!!!!!
    never forget u...